Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ring a day, jan 27

narwhal!  I didn't know this ring was going to be a narwhal until it was one.  I love narwhals.  I know, everyone does right now (I mean, there was a narwhal printed inside my trader joe's candy cane green tea box), but I've loved them for so long, and this is why: I learned about them the same time I was learning about dinosaurs, and dragons, and unicorns, and zebras.  when I got older, I learned about how some of these things weren't "real," like the unicorns and the dragons.   so when I rediscovered the narwhal, it was like someone said, "no, [insert imaginary animal here] ARE real!  they just live where it's really cold!"  so, to me the narwhal was like a fairy tale redelivered, when I was old enough to know better.

steel.  also, his horn is shorter than it should be because he's a young narwhal.  it should be full grown in a few years.